Falgorin – Scrying Glass Worlds

During an email exchange with author Emily Gee (see post November 11, 2017) regarding the unusual coincidence of the name ‘Harkeld’, I mentioned that despite the passage of time I hadn’t released my book ‘Falgorin’ for publication. It is entirely thanks to her encouragement that I decided to retrieve the manuscript, dust off the vocabulary and grammar and publish it. Fortunately, somewhere along the line I’d had the good sense to transfer it from the original 5.25″ floppy disks to the 3.5″ variety. Having acquired an external floppy drive, my PC hasn’t had one for 10 years or more, I expected to be able to simply open the files and get to work. Unfortunately, I’d overlooked the fact that the book had originally been written using DOS based word-processing software to whit, WordStar. After much tinkering, I finally converted the files to a format that my current software can handle and set to. The result is that I expect to have it available from Amazon in time for Christmas and will post a more specific update nearer the time. For a sneak peek into the story, check out the Books page.