Looking back in time.

I guess like most authors, our descriptive narrative is often drawn from life's experiences as I know mine is. With my current teen/YA novel 'Medieval Mayhem' focused not surprisingly on medieval times I've found my thoughts drifting back to visits I've made to sites from that period in time or even earlier. A recent re-visit to Malta's walled city of Mdina, its capital Valletta and harbour defences at Fort St Angelo have all provided a wealth of information to be drawn upon as I write. A trip around the Irish republic whilst working there several years ago took me to the castle at Bunratty to partake of a medieval banquet which I believe is still  offered, something I highly recommend. From there I journeyed on to Blarney Castle by way of the Dingle peninsular and some of Ireland's most beautiful scenery. Lying upside down in the pouring rain on a grey St Patrick's day to kiss the 'Blarney Stone' is not for the fainthearted. My Irish colleagues on my return to Dublin were nevertheless pleased by my efforts claiming that the 'Stone' had long needed re-charging. I'm not entirely sure what they were implying.