Born in Brighton, the second of four children, Rod has two sisters and a brother. His family remained in Sussex during their childhood despite a number of moves occasioned by their father's work. As adults, his sisters left the county, the eldest and her family moving to Scotland, his younger sister and her husband going to Lincolnshire. After leaving Haywards Heath County Grammar School, at the age of fifteen he began his working life in a stationers shop. Various 'career' moves later, by his own admission, none with any great ambition, saw him employed in the financial services sector where he finally felt he had found what was to be his niche, gaining the knowledge and experience he would later use when forced by unexpected redundancy into rethinking his objectives.

The shock of losing a job after ten years with his employer had a profound effect on him making him realise that he never wanted  to be placed in the same position a second time. In order to take more control over his working life he decided the best course of action was to become self-employed.

Having the knowledge and experience combining credit/risk management with the development of computer systems to support it, he offered project management and consultancy services primarily to banks and credit card companies. After successfully devising and leading the management of a number of projects in the UK and Europe, he finally decided he'd had enough of living out of suitcases, flight delays and a very limited social life, and that it was time to give it all up so that he could spend his time writing.

As a voracious reader he'd long felt the need to create his own work and whilst still working had begun experimenting with a spy novel (complete but never published). Unhappy with the time spent on research, he decided to move into one of his favourite genres, adult fantasy, where he would create the world and all in it. In some ways this required as many hours spent devising believable if imaginary characters and their world as he'd previously spent on research. However, the creation proved to be a far more satisfying task, yet he held off publishing Falgorin his excuse being he hadn't then decided if he should write its sequel. Meanwhile, he began working on Travellers In Time his teen/young adult trilogy, # 1, Fugitives in Time, # 2, Medieval Mayhem and # 3, Future Imperfect have all now been published. With the publication of Falgorin, he is currently working on its sequel Esborr.