Cover illustration: Jamie Glover

FALGORIN, a world in conflict, its peoples torn apart by powerful dark magic and the forces of evil.

Prompted by a dream, twenty-six-year-old Adam Goodchild reclaims a childhood plaything from his father, a scrying crystal formerly owned by his grandfather.

Sceptical about its ability to forsee the future, he sees no harm in attempting to use it, never suspecting that the lucid orb is a Manifex, one of three powerful magical talismans forged on the world of Falgorin.

His efforts at scrying have unimaginable consequences when he’s transported against his will to Falgorin, as unprepared for the journey as he is with what awaits him.

At first, he refuses to accept the role the mighty magician Beorhtán insists only he can fulfil. Claiming that it is not for him to restore the balance between good and evil on a world not his own, he demands to be returned home.

Only when he learns that unless defeated, the forces ravaging Falgorin endanger his own world does he reluctantly agree to undertake the challenge. Accompanied by an old wizard, an elf, a recalcitrant dragon and the Manifex, he embarks on a dangerous mission in an attempt to win over support from the diverse inhabitants of this unusual world.

He achieves much but at a cost to himself and others that is beyond imagining, preventing him from returning to his home and placing him on a path from which he cannot afford to stray.