Cover illustration: Jamie Glover

FUGITIVES IN TIME, Book #1 in the Travellers in Time Series.

Taken from Daniel's personal journal, Fugitives in Time tells of his first solo mission to an alternative reality where he becomes trapped in a society dominated by women.

With his communicator broken he has no means of contacting his base for support and this is just the beginning of his problems.

Determined to prove himself by continuing his assignment keeping watch over a young princess as she sets out on her first Royal Tour, he’s all too aware that being cut-off from his people puts the whole mission in jeopardy.

When all attempts at contact fail, he decides to confide in Tomas, the servant assigned to him by the palace. Although initially reluctant to accept the informality Daniel proposes, a friendship begins to grow between the two teens.

With Tomas no longer having to act as his servant when they are alone, Daniel tells him of his purpose in coming to this reality and explains about the difficulties he’s facing.

Although there’s little he can do to help, Tomas offers what support he can soon to prove his trustworthiness when he tells Daniel about an alarming conversation that he has overheard.

Two groups of ruthless individuals each intent on using and manipulating Daniel for their own ends are racing to capture him before he develops beyond their ability to control him.

Taken from Daniel’s own journal this fast-moving account will keep you hooked from start to finish as he tells of his time travels across realities, the conflicts he faces, his personal losses and what he discovers about himself.