Cover illustration: Jamie Glover

FUTURE IMPERFECT, Book #3 in the Travellers in Time Series.

The thrilling conclusion to the Travellers in Time trilogy, Future Imperfect sees Daniel Tremaine finally reunited with his biological parents, yet now he must face his greatest challenges.

Thousands of years in the past, the planet Korim is on the verge of annihilation, its core collapsing prelude to going supernova. When Korimi scientists discover this, fifty of them secretly flee the dying planet travelling across space and through time to seek refuge on Terra.

Learning that all travellers like himself are the descendants of these humanoid beings has far-reaching consequences for Daniel, his family and friends forcing him to make choices that place him and the ones he most cares about at great risk.

Pitted against those he should most be able to trust, Daniel and his friend Tomas enter a race to find his ancestor, a Korimi bio-engineered shapeshifter with powerful abilities to prevent those who oppose him from reaching him first and using his unique DNA to create similar beings.

From Yorktown, Virginia in the late 1700’s where General George Washington is preparing to fight the British, across realities and to the far future, the teens are pursued by an implacable enemy that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

Caught up in a web of conspiracy and intrigue, for Daniel this is a journey of discovery, of losses and gains through to its explosive conclusion before he is finally able to confront his true self.