Cover illustration: Jamie Glover

MEDIEVAL MAYHEM, Book #2 in the Travellers in Time Series.

Medieval Mayhem is the account of how Daniel who having already rescued his best friend Tomas once, is now heading 700 years into the past to do it all over again.

In his former role as a Sentinel, Daniel is used to hopping between realities and across time unlike Tomas. Now having accidentally sent his friend back into medieval Verania with no means of getting home, he’s got to go and bring him back.

In a freak accident, the SPIRIT, the device needed for time travel, gets broken before he is able to activate it, leaving them both stranded in the past.

Needing food and shelter while they try to figure out a way to get home, the two teens accept an offer of employment as servants to Sir Hector Moncrief the Knight Commander of the king’s army.

Friends with Alric, Sir Hector’s newly appointed squire the three are soon caught up in preparations for a major battle when the king of Verania’s castle is taken by bandits and renegades lead by the traitorous knight Sir Godric Waverley.

To improve the odds in favour of the army being gathered to attempt to retake the castle and free its captives, Daniel and his friends hatch a plot to spike the castle’s water supply to incapacitate the occupying army.

With their plans set to begin on Halloween, the sudden appearance of a demon atop the castle battlements issuing death threats has everyone terrified. Will Daniel and his friends succeed, will the battle be won and if so at what cost?