Scrying Glass Worlds

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Scrying Glass Worlds is a series of adult fantasy stories that tell of Adam Goodchild a 26 year old computer software developer transported to another world against his will where he is expected to battle evil in its many guises whilst not succumbing to its influence. Filled with sorcery, epic battles, a dragon and various other beings makes these novels hard to put down.

As a child, Adam Goodchild loved to play with his grandfather’s scrying glass, rolling it around the floor or simply holding it in his hands entranced by the scintillating flashes of light its inclusions gave off as he spun it around.

Now over twenty years later for no reason he could give, he’s driven to take hold of it again. Attempting to use it for scrying, his efforts bring unexpected and frightening results when he finds himself transported to the world of Falgorin.

Here he learns of the fate that others have decreed for him when he is told by the giant Beorhtán that he alone has the power to prevent the destruction of Falgorin by the giant’s alter ego Shegrimoth and his army of darkness.

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