Travellers In Time

Fostered when just a few days old, Daniel Tremaine could never be certain what had happened to his parents when conflicting stories told of how they had died in a road accident or that they had simply disappeared. Recruited by the Department of Alternative Realities and Time when only nine years old, he had passed their entrance examinations, becoming a Sentinel by the age of eleven, the youngest ever to be accepted.

Now a teenager, loved and cared for by his foster parents, he’s an intelligent and resourceful individual both excellent qualities for his work as a S.T.A.R. yet his life lacks one major component, friends, the cause, his job. Away from home for long periods in different times and realities makes friendships hard to establish and even harder to maintain.

All this changes when he’s sent on his first solo mission, to an alternative reality where he meets two individuals of similar age to his own, one a spoilt princess the other a lowly palace servant yet Alice and Tomas are destined to become his first true friends.

As each book tells its own story, the common theme throughout the ‘Travellers in Time’ trilogy is Daniel’s ongoing search for the truth about his parents. Kidnapped and forced into breaking the law, he learns how he and others have been betrayed by the duplicity of friends, colleagues and even family members testing his friendships to their limit.

When he finally uncovers the shocking truth, he’s devastated by the plot that lies behind it, its implications leaving him with only one option, he must do everything he can to prevent it regardless of the cost to himself, his family and friends. Only by virtue of his own amazing legacy and with the support of his grandparents and friend Tomas does he have any hope of achieving his goal.

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